Tally Integration

Integration – Work Less Get More
Tally-Link DLL, a data Integration utility, integrates data from / to your existing legacy applications, as well as other specialized IT solutions, thus enabling data exchange and opening doors to limitless possibilities for your business information needs. Existing IT solutions can be integrated with Tally.ERP9 to deliver great value to your operational efficiency and reduce redundancy.

Our Application Integration Solutions are designed to ensure that your existing investments in Software remain intact by seamlessly integrating information with new systems, technologies and custom applications within the enterprise, as well as with companies who you do business with.

To meet the challenges of the new business environment, information systems need to communicate with each other as seamlessly as possible, provide real-time visibility of transactions across the entire enterprise and be flexible enough to accommodate the changing structure of the business.

When more and more information needs to be shared across traditional business boundaries, the way you integrate your systems and processes is rapidly becoming one of the most important priorities in business today.
• Eliminates data input duplication
• Provides up to date critical business information any time for swift decision making.
• Automates and integrates your entire business process
• Implemented to suit your business practices in a timely manner
• Interfaces with other business applications
• Reduces staff cost drastically
• Eliminates possibility of human errors, business information is extremely reliable
• Real-time consolidation of data from various systems for centralized reporting
• Consolidates data from various systems for centralized reporting
• Gets your data in Tally ready for finalization

Tally Implementation

Steps in Tally Implementation Methodology
• Project Preparation
• Business Architecting
• Testing and Implementation
• Preparation for Going Live
• Go-live
• Support on an ongoing basis – Year on Year.

The process of accounting is streamlined
It is age of globalization and a majority of the companies are on the expansion spree. Thus are clients bound to have data & information spread across multiple locations. With each new location comes a new cost centre when it comes to information management. Inspite of expansion the clients have a centrally driven accounting system. Thus integrating the information consumes a lot of time & is a process full of hassles. By implementing power packed tools of Tally.ERP 9 we help you to cope up with expansion & simultaneously create a synergy around it’s accounting & other systems. We help companies in minimizing their expenditure & resources by giving them a slick package with helps their systems run smoother & faster. In such a scenario drawing reports with cost centers and analyzing the same becomes difficult. We at SunTim have carved an expertise in this niche segment.

Generating MIS reports in faster & more efficient manner
Our team will guide you to make the maximum utilization of the offerings we implement at your site. They will train you to capture the MIS points at the data entry level itself so the entire integration & execution function can go hand in hand. This will save a lot of time spent in generating these reports. Now the management as well as the accountants can rejoice as generating reports is easy even if demanded at a short notice. All the irrelevant processes are eliminated making the entire accounting system simpler, measurable & faster.

Statutory Compliances are met within timeframe with elimination of external data Processing.
• Many a times users ignore that Tally has In-built STATUTORY COMPLIANCE MODULES.
• They tend to extract the data out of the system and work on it using external software systems
• We show the users correct ways of deriving maximum benefits from these modules with minimum efforts
• saving of time and efforts coupled with removal of DUPLICATION of DATA and RECONCILIATION result into an irresistible offer for the user and management alike.


Customized Invoicing Software with Seamless Integration of Data with Tally.
• Generate Invoices as per your specifications from Tally
• Seamless Integration of all the Client masters and Sales transactions into Tally.
• Print Invoices on pre-printed, letter head or plain stationery in colour or black & white.
• Print Invoices with the Company logo of any size.
• Print Invoices on any paper size.
• Print Excise Invoice, Export Invoice, Quotation, Delivery Challan, Purchase
• Order, Sales Order from Tally with user defined terms & conditions

Auto Bank Recon
• Bank Reconciliation at blazing speed
• No manual marking or recording of dates in Tally
• For businesses with large volumes of cheque receipts and payments.
• All you need is to request your bank to give the bank statement in Text/Excel format.
• Indicates cheque no and amount mismatch.
• Auto Listing of transactions appearing in Bank Statement but not recorded in Bank Book.
MIS Reports
Closes the gap between strategy and execution.
BI is synthesized information that allows you to make an executive decision.
It empowers users with access to real-time analytic data for daily use.
It helps improved analysis and reaction timeliness, leading to improved interactions and reduced latency of information.
An integrated, secure and customized platform of applications.
School & College Software

Ideally suited for Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions.
A comprehensive solution ideally suited for schools, colleges and educational institutions entirely inside Tally.ERP 9 includes the following major functionalities

• Manage student profile
• Recording monthly attendance and reports
• Manage fees and outstanding reports
• Manage mark/grade for user defined tests/exams and mark-sheet printing

Detailed Features
• Easy to configure
• Student Bio data (name, address, DOB, last school attended, parents details, etc.)
• Student Monthly Attendance
• Birthday Alarm
• User Defined Tests (Term/Unit)
• User Defined Subjects (Group Subject as well as Individual Subjects e.g. Maths as a group subject
& Maths I & Maths II as individual subject)
• Printing of Bonafide Certificate, Leaving Certificate
• Student Result Report generation
• Class wise Analysis of Mark list
• Subject wise - Student wise - Division wise Mark List analysis
• Toppers List Report
• Student Fees (Individual as well as for entire class/ standard)
• Creation of classes / divisions
• Creation of Subjects per class / division
• Shifting of individual student to different class / division

Automobile Sales & Service Software

1.Service Reminders to customers

Customer has to be reminded for next vehicle service. Service reminders will be generally send to those customers whose vehicle is under free service category. Based on The Quartelly Sales period , Report Shall be Provided For Sending the SMS for servicing.

2.Job Card
A job card (or task card) is a document that provides all the information needed to complete a service procedure. Job cards also provide the means of recording that a procedure has been completed properly. Once the servicing get complete the job card can be used to record details of service activity and inspection, with relevant information need to routed back into the dealer management system for compliance, audit and management purposes.

3.Supervisor Incentives based on services
Incentive to be calculated based on the performance, every end of the month. This shall be based on the value of Billable service made

• Preparation of Job Card
• Parts Replacement against Job card
• Vehicle History Card (Report)
• Service Invoice with service tax
• Receipt against Job Card
• Service reminder – SMS
• Service Reminder - Email
• Customer data base
• Customer Data Base Service Report
• Multiple Payment handling
• Tracking of Accidental insurance claim against the job card
• Supervisorwise service report
• Job Card Report
• Day wise service report
• Day wise Job card report
• Service Summery Report (FREE/PAID)

Supply Chain Solutions for Distributors
Housing Society
• Creation Of Building Master
• Group Master Creation
• Individual Flat Masters
• Automatic Invoicing - Interest Calculation
• Auto Billing Entry
• Invoice Printing With Receipt
• Auto Debit Note Creation
• Intrest Entry Reversed
• Interest Working
• Member Details For Billing Purpose
• Bills O/S Age Wise
• Monthly Billing Register
Hospital Management Software
• Hospital Charges Management – Bed Charges, Nursing Charges.
• Ward Categorisation – General Ward, Private / Semi Private Ward.
• IPD Receipt & Advance Management
• Transfer of Patients from OPD to IPD
• Clinical Reports, Discharge Cards
• Complete Hospital Accounting, Inventory Management using Tally.ERP 9
• Provision for Managing Non commercial Hospital Specific Activities like Investigation
Management, Lab Observations, Patient‘s case / clinical history, Discharge Summary and Card, Treatment Plan etc
Pathology Management Software Files

A simple reporting and billing solution for pathology, sonography and x-ray laboratories

Medi-Lab is easy to use Laboratory Management System for Medical Diagnostic Centers - Pathology, Sonography and X-Ray Laboratories to accomplish their Reporting & Billing reporting requirements with ease. Even a novice user can learn and master the software within the least amount of time. The package carries a set of commonly used tests organized into their respective departments. You too can add any number of new departments and tests.

Lab Management Features

• More than 100 tests pre-configured for Pathology, Sonography & X-ray or configure your own test
with units and reference range.
• Set validations / formulas / optional values for each test.
• Maintain Profiles (Group of Tests).
• Select printing format from a variety of pre-defined templates
• Enter Patient Data (Test Values) either Patient wise or Test wise.
• Print reports in dot-matrix, Ink jet or laser printer on any plain or pre-printed stationery.
• Available in Single User or Multi User (LAN Environment) edition..
• Automatically prints high / low comments along with results.
• Abnormal Values highlighted in every reports.
• Write explanations with each test.
• Extremely easy to use single screen solutions. Perform patient registration, billing, reporting etc
from same screen.

List of Some Diagnostic Tests
• Complete Blood Count Formula Based Report
• Australian Antigen Report.
• Lipid Profile Formula Based Report.
• CT BT PT Formula Based Report.
• Blood-Urine-Sugar or Blood-Sugar Report.
• Routine Urine Examination
• Widal Slide Method.
• HIV I & II.
• Culture Report.
• Pus Culture Report.
• Sensitivity Report
• X-ray Chest P.A. View.

MIS Reports
• Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Collection report.
• Auto Generation of Doctor's Referral fees
• Flexible search mechanism to generate user defined MIS Reports.

Financial Reports
• Generate Patient Bill as per your specifications based on pre-defined price list or user defined.
• Maintain accounts of Referring doctors or collection centers.
• Receipt Generation at reception counter.
• Revenue Sheet generation based on date range, referral clinic / doctor or test wise.
• Receipt Generation at reception counter.
• Account Summary.

Technology Advantage Of Medilabs
• Directly e-mail / fax patients test report to the patient or doctor.
• Export reports to MS Word or Excel.
• User Defined Security Levels - facilitates access to only authorised Users based on allocated
• Print Preview.
• Deletion of Patient records from time to time with Date range or Patient code range.
• Seamless Integration of financial data with Tally.**
• Seamless Integration of result from Cell counters, Bio-chemistry equipments etc using
• RS-32 por

List Of Esteemed Clients
• K. J. Somaya Hospital & Research Centre
• Pramukhswami Eye Hospital.
• Yerala Medical Trust.
• Yerala Medical Trust.
• Shree Gujarati Samaj.
• Dr. Sangeeta Shetty’s Pathology Laboratory
• Jain Diagnostic Centre
• Manav Kalyan Seva Trust.
• Sun Immuno Diagnostic.
• Bharat Clinical Laboratory.
• Raman Pathology Lab.
• Sanjeevani Pathology Laboratory.
• Dhanvantari Diagnostic Laboratory.
• Samadhan Diagnostic Centre.

Garment Exporter Software
Iron & Steel Trade